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[SND]01. Dualism_ Descartes' Legacy.MP320-Jul-2015 13:16 21M
[SND]02. Alternatives to Dualism_ Materia.MP320-Jul-2015 13:16 20M
[SND]03. Strong Aritificial Intelligence.MP320-Jul-2015 13:27 21M
[SND]04. The Chinese Room Argument and It.MP320-Jul-2015 13:26 21M
[SND]05. Can a Machine Think_.MP320-Jul-2015 13:37 21M
[SND]06. Is the Brain a Digital Computer_.MP320-Jul-2015 13:38 21M
[SND]07. Some Solutions to Descartes' Pro.MP320-Jul-2015 13:48 21M
[SND]08. The Stucture of Consciousness.MP320-Jul-2015 13:49 21M
[SND]09. How to Study Consciousness Scien.MP320-Jul-2015 13:58 21M
[SND]10. How the Mind Works_ An Introduct.MP320-Jul-2015 14:00 21M
[SND]11. The Structure of Action and Perc.MP320-Jul-2015 14:09 21M
[SND]12. The Construction of Social Reali.MP320-Jul-2015 14:11 21M
[   ]Philosophy of Mind - John Searle.pdf20-Jul-2015 14:11 7.1M